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You will have direct contact with us. We have an open door policy. You will have our personal mobile numbers and email addresses. You will get to know our team very well and be updated on the progress of your investment.

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We provide you with monthly reports consisting of ranking updates and any news regarding changes in the industry. We also advise recommendations to continue to provide the best service and secure your business.


We are experts in the SEO marketing industry, who belong to a mastermind group that includes literally the best SEO's on the planet. This is not an exaggeration, but a promise that you will receive the highest level of service. We stay ahead of our industry and you benefit from that cutting edge information, firsthand.



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Need to increase your search engine traffic, or looking to break into a new market with paid advertising? Maybe you have a promotional video that isn’t delivering the return you’d hope for? No matter your goals, we have proven solutions to match. Our team researches, plans and executes profitable online marketing campaigns, combining channels to earn you amazing returns.

Search Engine Optimization

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Web Design & Optimization

If you need a redesign or total makeover, we specialize in creating high converting, mobile friendly websites.

Internet Marketing

Leverage the power of social, email, web advertising to attract more customers to your website.

Social Media Management

Let us do all the work for you! We know how to leverage your social properties, like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to bring you the most value for your investment. You sit back and we will get social for you.



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Margaret Mariano Realtor Associate at SRE Matrix, Inc SRE Matrix, Inc

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Caliph Herald


I would just like to take this time to express why I believe that Herald Square SEO - Brooklyn is unique. It is simply what we live and breathe. It is what we do. Our clients are not just faceless customers to us. We take every client as an opportunity to create a "triple win" situation. If we succeed at our job of doing simply the BEST SEO that Brooklyn has to offer, then the client wins as well. But the third win comes in to play with the public. We pride ourselves on working with excellent service providers and product makers. If we give these things more visibility and traffic, then the public "wins" as well. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN! So we wake up every day thinking, researching, learning, testing, discussing and executing Search Engine Optimization. We have access to the best minds in online marketing ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH -- LITERALLY. The result is frankly the most valuable and efficient thing you can do for your online marketing needs. I feel HSSEO BK is second to none!

Why SEO Beats PPC

For every webmaster who has wondered why search engine optimization is better than PPC, this is the article to read. It's not to say that PPC is not useful, but can it compare to the power of visibility? Here is an objective look why webmasters should invest in SEO before considering PPC.

In any business, it's crucial to cut expenses as much as possible. Every little bit that can be saved is going to increase the profit margins, so it only makes sense to find the cheaper solution. In this case, SEO is the cheaper alternative, but it's also more effective.

Always keep in mind that people don't like clicking on ads, especially if they appear cheap and in the wrong place. Now consider the fact that a business has to pay every time somebody clicks on their ad, although it doesn't mean there's going to be a conversion. In other words, a business pays for the opportunity to get a conversion.

With SEO it works very differently. After the site is optimized by a professional, it's going to receive a lot of attention and a lot of traffic. Naturally there are going to be clicks involved, but the site owner is only going to pay for the optimization that took place.

There is also the issue of organic traffic, which can only be generated through SEO. Organic traffic is considered the most valuable type of traffic because users are actively searching for something. With PPC a business has to use top of the line advertisers if they want to get any clicks because banner blindness has become a big issue.

In the end, it just makes more sense to optimize a site before even thinking about PPC advertising. It costs less; it's more effective, and it will serve the site much longer.