• Rarely am I motivated to sit down and write a recommendation for someone. A letter for Chris is an exception because he deserves it! From the start, he shared his valuable insights on how we could improve our website and what to avoid.

    Margaret Mariano
    Margaret Mariano Real Estate Marketing
  • Chris did an exceptional job on the recent project. Wise and goal oriented person - that's Chris! Reliable SEO Consultant that cannot be overestimated. If you need a professional to do a job, make sure you have Chris doing that job.

    Peter Chang
    Peter Chang CEO, Avalon Search Marketing
  • Chris is an incredibly skilled SEO who will go above and beyond to get you the search engine results you are looking for. He was able to get multiple websites from page 2 and 3 to the front page of Google and more than doubled their revenue. If you want incredible results, I would highly recommend you hire Chris.

    Stefan Haacker
    Stefan Haacker Founder of Liquid Canyon